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We test and review the most popular gear from brands like Himiway, Gotrax, Hiboy, Turboant, Aventon, Juiced, Ride1Up and more.

How we make our reviews and recommendations

In-depth Reviews

We want you to know everything there is to know about a product by the time you finish reading our reviews.

Impartial Advice

There are very few perfect products out there. We promise to point out all the negatives of anything we try out.

Extensive Research

There is a lot of gear out there and we can’t try everything ( we want to ). We thoroughly research any item we recommend. If we wouldn’t buy it, we won’t recommend it.

Meet the Odyssey E-Bike Electric Bike Staff

Doug bike author

Doug Ryan
Co-Founder & Biking Editor

I have been riding bikes and messing with them my entire life. I have always loved the thrill of riding whether it’s down the street or in the woods on a trail. I have a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Reliability and am a complete gear nerd. I have 20+ years of product development engineering experience and a lot more years of biking. I currently reside in Michigan but grew up in Pennsylvania.


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